At Teach Alexander, we equip parents and educators with a foundation that enables you to confidently trust yourself to advocate for your children. We take the guesswork out of child development and behavior.

Through our courses and workshops, parents and educators gain a deeper understanding of child development, which allows you to see your WHOLE child. This new lens helps you to identify what motivates them — and you can then use these valuable insights to teach your child anything!

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- Jane Doe

Hi, I’m Damali (Teach) Alexander.

As a certified Special Education teacher and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, I understand the subtleties of human development and the science of behavior. This special blend enables me to help you create the changes you need and desire at the appropriate time.

I call it effecting positive behavior change. You might describe it as relief. Here at Teach Alexander, we use a winning formula to help ALL children reach their optimal potential:

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I’m the expert in child development, while you’re the expert on your unique child.